Bob Hughes is a veteran musician, bassist and vocalist from Binghamton, New York. He has been a steadfast figure in the local music scene since the 1980's. Coming of age during the heart of classic rock's golden era, Bob's musical journey began in the vibrant backdrop of the 70's and 80's, shaping his passion for the timeless sounds of the genre.

Throughout his years playing Bob has lent his talents to several classic rock cover bands as part of the local music landscape. His musical odyssey includes stints with Kuda, Channel One, Crossfire, Machines Way, and Burning Moonlight. As a founding member, it was in 2012 that Bob joined forces to create Roxslyde, a classic rock trio that has since become a staple of the local live music scene.

Beyond the stage lights and music venues, Bob has distinguished himself as a musician who gives back to his local community and beyond. He has performed in numerous benefit shows, events, and concerts including BernieFest Alzheimer's Research, BreastFest Breast Cancer Research, Rock Against Suicide, The Concert For Australia, The Concert For Ukraine, Toys For Tots, Santa Jam, Bands To The Rescue, Woofstock Humane Society Benefit – the list goes on. Bob's commitment to supporting both local and global initiatives demonstrates the power of music to unite and make a positive impact.

As a seasoned performer, Bob has shared the stage with regional and national acts solidifying his reputation as a talented and respected musician. opening performances for The Screaming Cheetah Wheelies, Eddie Money, and Starship featuring mickey thomas underscore the caliber of his musical journey.

Bob's musical palette is painted with the sounds of his influences, with Rush, Pink Floyd, and Led Zeppelin standing tall among his favorites. These iconic bands have left an indelible mark on his style, contributing to the unique sound that defines the musicianship and songwriting of Bob Hughes.